Press Release

TYDA & Metfone continues its charity mission to Kompongcham

29 Jun, 2018

KAMPONG CHAM: On Saturday 16th June 2018, nearly 4,000 peoples have received free medical checkup and treatment from Samdech Techo Youth Doctor Association "TYDA" in cooperation with Metfone, held at Vong Terk high school in Kna Village, Kna Sor Commune, Srey Sonthor District, Kampong Cham Province.

According to the report of the TYDA, there were 4,204 peoples who received checkup  and treatment.In a generous effort to support the charity of the TYDA Volunteer Team, Metfone teamworkers have been caring for the welfare of the people in remote areas as well as Metfone customers across the country.

Mrs. Hen  65-year-old said "I am happy that TYDA and Metfone have come to health check-ups, old – young  peoples in this village," We feel very warm to receive medication and free treatment ”

TYDA is a volunteer doctor association that regularly provides free medical care, medical check-up and treatment for people in remote areas throughout the country. Every month, Metfone cooperates with TYDA always had a mission to each area in its willingness to provide free healthcare to the people without ever being disturbed.

Metfone is the largest telecommunication operator in support of this charity since the beginning, and the company will continue to be attentive to many other humanitarian program in the future.