Bonna Lai Poramean

Service description

Bonalai Poramean 595 is a service which all Metfone subscribers can get information about exchange rates, gold prices, phone prices, all kinds of goods prices in the market, weather forecast notification, daily learning English, jokes, hot news, health, including dream meaning service. You will receive a message from Monday to Sunday.


Service Fee

  • 2cent/day (Exchange rate, News, Gold, Phone, Goods, Weather, English learning, Football, Joke)
  • 5cent/day (Food&Beauty, Health, Dream Meaning)
  • 10cent/week (Good Day)
  • 20cent/week (Love Advise)


How to use service

  • To register service
    • Send USD to 595 for Exchange Rate
    • Send GOLD to 595 for Gold
    • Send NEWS to 595 for News
    • Send WT [Province code] to 595 for Weather
    • Send JOKE to 595 for Joke
    • Send G to 595 for Goods
    • Send W to 595 for Learning English
    • Send P to 595 for Phone
    • Send S to 595 for Football
    • Send FB to 595 Food&Beauty
    • Send DE to 595 for Dream Meaning(English)
    • Send DK to 595 for Dream Meaning (Khmer)
    • Send HT to 595 for Health Tip
    • Send GD to 595 for Good Day


  • How to cancel service
    • Send OFF to 595 to cancel all services
    • Send OFF USD to 595 to cancel Exchange Rate
    • Send OFF GOLD to cancel Gold
    • Send OFF NEWS to cancel News
    • Send OFF WT to cancel Weather
    • Send OFF JOKE to cancel Joke
    • Send OFF G to cancel Goods
    • Send OFF W to cancel Learning English
    • Send OFF P to cancel Phone
    • Send OFF S to cancel Football
    • Send OFF FB to cancel Food&Beauty
    • Send OFF DE to cancel Dream Meaning (English)
    • Send OFF DK to cancel Dream Meaning (Khmer)
    • Send OFF HT to cancel Health Tip
    • Send OFF GD to cancel Good Day


Terms & Conditions

  • For prepaid customer, monthly customer and using 3G/4G & Wifi
  • All kinds of using prices will be deducted from the basic balance
  • System will be automatically renew charged