Metfone is the leading mobile operator in Cambodia, with the most extensive, reliable and trusted network. It is the brand name of Viettel (Cambodia) PTE. LTD., as one member of the world’s fastest-growing telecom operators, Viettel Group. According to GSMA Wireless Intelligence, Viettel Group is among the top 15 telecom companies globally when ranked by the number of cellular connections.


Currently, Viettel Group has invested in 11 countries and provided service to about 100 million customers on the three continents (Asia, America and Africa), including: Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, East Timor, Peru, Haiti, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Burundi.


The name “Met” was selected for Cambodia because it means “friend” in Khmer, and conveys our desire to build a truly Cambodian company to serve Cambodians.   

With one of our main business philosophies “Infrastructure goes first, business will follow”, therefore, Metfone always spends more efforts and investment on building and expanding our network infrastructure. Consequently, we currently own a largest network in Cambodia with more than 11,000 on-air BTS  including all old and up-to-date technology 2G, 3G, 4G and 4.5G, more than 23,000 Km optical cable  already implemented over 25/25 provinces and 100% districts with modern transmission technology  DWDM and full MPLS/IP, international connectivity with all other country over both submarine cables  (AAG, APG, IA, AAE_1) and terrestrial cable. Moreover, our business and technical teams are located at all provinces, sales channel expanded to all districts and communes so we can provide our service with higher quality, quick requirement respond and good customer care service.


At Metfone, we firmly believe that different customers will have different needs, especially at today’s digital era, connecting people is not only about making phone calls or exchanging text messages but also enjoying life, doing business, … That’s why we always make our efforts with the most creative approach to provide personalized service for connecting people no matter when, where or who they are with diversity of services and products including: Mobile, Broadband Internet, content service, leased line service, e-payment, infrastructure service, eGovernment, Corporate Solutions…. etc.



Metfone provides the most extensive and reliable network coverage in Cambodia, as well as the fastest 4G and 4.5G LTE services. We are a major employer, having created nearly 3,000 full-time jobs, 10,000 part-time jobs and other 30,000 sales points for Cambodians.

Metfone pioneers in applying new technologies: 5G, IoT, AI, Big Data, e-Payment… into eGovernment, Smart City and other services for people and corporate.

Metfone also invests heavily in education, healthcare and other sector to improve quality of life invested and accelerate development.



Our mission is Creating a connected Digital Society, herein, we apply applications of ICT to every sector in the life, including Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Agriculture, Transportation, Public Administration. We contribute to create a connect digital society among Government, Corporate and people. We build up the digital ecosystem and implement comprehensive Digital Transformation for Cambodian society.



Our business strategy has five goals.

  • ​Bringing information technology and telecommunications to every person, every family and every corner of social life
  • Investing to build the most extensive network with the best possible coverage
  • Bringing the most advanced technology to Cambodia
  • Diversifying our services to cater to all customers
  • Pricing to suit every market segment