Press Release

Metfone's New Logo Award Winner of the Year "Marketing Campaign"

31 Oct, 2019

On October 19, 2019, in Vienna, Austria, Metfone was honored to participate in the International Business Awards of 2019 on the "Marketing Campaign of the Year".

After more than 10 years in the business, Metfone has made a significant change to accommodate young consumers in the digital age in Cambodia. Metfone knows the importance of seeking to bring Metfone's brand closer to the heart of consumers, so Metfone has launched its own branding campaign.

After launching a nine-month campaign since May 2018, Metfone saw the highest customer growth during its 10-year tenure. The total has grown to 9 million people and maintained good revenue growth.

Through the campaign, the value of Metfone's brand has also risen significantly, with Top of Mind rising. From 30% to 40% and the share of Voice to 39.2%.

The company uses "Mony" mascots in marketing activities (in Khmer "Mony" means smart, friendly and listen to people) Everything) Change the logo from blue to red with the appropriate package delivery The need for young people is a catalyst Succeed gloriously.

The Stevie Award is one of the top award programs in the world, established in 2002 to honor the achievements and positive contributions of businesses and individuals. For the benefit of the global community, including information technology and telecommunications.

It is a prestigious awards program held annually and published by the New York Times for the Oscar for International Business. The IBA Stevie Award has received more than 4,000 nominations from 74 countries and more than 1,000 professionals participated in the evaluation process to select the best performers.