Metfone’s DataOsja packages is the affordable price mobile packages with the fast speed’s internet at everywhere:

All Metfone’s subscribers are available to buy the DataOsja package on ABA Mobile App by payment the fee of package via their ABA Account (without topping up the main balance).
After subscribers have successful purchaseda DataOsja package on ABA Mobile App, subscribers will receive the benefits (internet data, minutes, SMS) by each type of DataOsja packages.
Subscribers have already purchased the DataOsja package on ABA Mobile App and havealready paid the packages fee via their ABA Account are not eligiblefor request torefund.
DataOsja packages are the Auto Renewal package, it will be automatically renewed subscription/purchasing on the expiration date (if subscribers have sufficient balance in ABA Account). Subscribers also can click on button “OFF” to unable auto renewal.
Subscribers are available to buy DataOsja package at many times as much they want, every purchasing the packages will be accumulated the benefits (data, minutes, SMS).
To check remain balance of DataOsja package, dial *1535*097#.