Press Release

Metfone, the only mobile operator that connects ARENG to the world

26 Jan, 2018

Koh Kong province – Areng Valley, Koh Kong’s most isolated area and one of the kingdom’s best ecotourism spots, has now been connected with the rest of the country and the world through the leading mobile network.


Metfone, Cambodia’s largest telecoms network operator, just installed its antenna in the Areng Valley area, some 80 kilometers from the provincial town of Koh Kong.


Inaugurating the antenna on January 24, Posts and Telecoms Minister Tram Iv Teuk said Metfone was the first mobile network operator that volunteered to come to Areng Valley while the others hesitated to come due to the area’s remoteness.

Metfone has been doing business in Cambodia for nearly a decade, and the company has brought a great deal of development to the country - populated areas and remote areas alike – and Areng community was one example, Minister Tram Iv Teuk added.

Now, people in Areng community and the other three communes of Thmar Baing district have access to mobile phone and Internet service just like the rest of the country.

Meach Penh, resident of Areng community, said she was happy that Metfone brought the mobile phone network to the locality.

“Before, if you want to make a phone call, you travel over 20 kilometers from here to get the signal. It is so difficult to communicate,” said Meach Penh.

“Now, I am very happy that Metfone installs its antenna here in my community. I now will know the world even better,” she added.

Metfone’s Vice General Director Nhong Dinthan said the company was committed to covering the entire Cambodia with quality telecoms network.

“In any circumstances, Metfone tries its best to bring the service to people all over Cambodia, no matter how remote the areas are,” said Mr. Nhong Dinthan.

“At Metfone, we are committed to bringing development to all Cambodian people, especially mobile services with highest and latest technology throughout the country,” he added.

Now with the arrival of Metfone, it’s expected that development of Areng Valley area would be even made faster.

Metfone entered into Cambodia’s telecoms market in 2009 and has now become the country’s leading mobile phone network operator. Currently, it network coverage nearly 97% of the country’s total population.