Press Release


26 Sep, 2018

Phnom Penh: On September 26th 2018, Metfone has celebrated Dealer Meeting at Sokha hotel.

Metfone operates 10-year telecome business, so far Metfone has become the largest telecome network in Cambodia and supplies all telecome services such as Mobile 2G, 3G, 4G and will 5G mobile phones. Metfone provide all fix broadband  services with optical fiber, electronic and IP technology. Provides solutions on modern telecommunication technology, SMAS management system, file management and tax system, electronic systems management systems and payment systems.

On that day, Metfone’s Vice General Director Nhong Dinthan said that:

We have the conditions for the business agent and get the best policy from the company:

- Minimum order: 10,000 $ / order

- Monthly subscription:> 100,000 $ / month

- So you have to order directly from the company.

Benefits of Business agents:

- Receive high bonus from: 5.5% -6% (depending on the month's operation)

- Get a solicitation of $ 1 scratch card (based on the trade agent's order price).

+ Start from October 2018, the branch does not sell any scratch card to commercial agents anymore. All orders for scratched paper are sold at the stall for sales at 4.5%.

We hope that all commercial agents will continue to support Metfone in order to maintain a good relationship between Metfone and the always-successful agents.