Instead of using Customer Care Centre, you may also find below the frequently asked questions about Metfone’s products and services.

How do I top-up my account while I am roaming?

In an effort to afford you every facility to make the prepaid roaming as seamless as possible, Metfone provides numerous options for recharging your account:

-   Topup with sufficient credit before you leave your country

-  Purchase your scratch card while in Cambodia and top-up while abroad as usual (Dial *1203*digit scratch card code#)

-   Top-up via eMoney service

Will there be a special way to check my balance while roaming?

Simply press *1201# and send as usual and you will be given a balance update on the screen of your phone.

What will happen if my balance is too low to make/receive a call?

If your balance is below the required amount for making a call and you try to call someone, you will hear a "low balance" tone and the call will not go through, once you top-up again, you will regain the services of you phone. If someone tries to call you while your balance is too low, the call will not be connected.

If I have any questions or problems, how do I contact customer care?

 If you need to contact customer care while roaming abroad, you may use any of the following medium:

-  Email:

-  Phone: + 855979097097

-  Chat with us via Facebook:  /metfone.closer    

Which mobile phone should be adaptable?

When using International Roaming Service (IRS), you should use mobile devices with adaptable specifications (new model mobile phones that support this technology) to be able to use the services. Typically, the standard service bands are as follow:

-   Europe: 900/1800 GSM Band

-   U.S. and Canada: 850/1900 GSM Band

-   Japan and South Korea: WCDMA (3G) Band

How to control usage, avoid unwanted high roaming fee?

Roaming service charges are much higher than domestic charges, so you should control usage to avoid high charges incurred by the following methods:

-   Actively control outgoing calls; only receive calls in case of necessity. (Note: You cannot make calls or send SMS to services that use abbreviated numbers, for example: 1777, 1772 …)

-   Using SMS is much lower rate than voice call.

-   Checking the Data services usage such as GPRS, Push Mail: Push Mail service charge while Roaming will be based on Data Roaming tariff of visited networks.

If losing SIM when going abroad, what should I do to inform Metfone Operator?

In case of losing SIM card when going abroad, you should dial the hotline of Metfone Customer Care Centre: +855979097097 (charged as international call to Cambodia) for immediate assistance: blocking lost SIM services to prevent unwanted arisen fee.

Note: Currently, the foreign partners’ mobile network partner do not support to dial short numbers 1777 of Metfone Customer Care Centre.

If a subscriber in Cambodia calls me when I am roaming overseas, will that person have to pay charge for international call?

In this case, the person who calls you does not have to pay international call fee, he/she will be charged at the same rate as you are still in Cambodia.

How can I check my balance when I am roaming abroad? How can I refill my balance when I am roaming abroad?

You can check your main account by dialing *1201# as when you’re in Cambodia.

When your main account is out of money, you should top it up to be able to continue using roaming services. You can recharge your account as you are in Cambodia (directly with a voucher).

When roaming abroad, could I still use value-added services such as Imuzik, MCA, Call me back, I share………?

When roaming abroad, you will not able to use any value-added services. When coming back to Cambodia, you can continue using these services.

May I register the Roaming Service in foreign countries or must register in Cambodia?

When go abroad, you cannot register roaming service via SMS, so please register roaming service while you are in Cambodia. For postpaid, you can register at any Metfone Showroom, and for prepaid, please register via SMS. 


  • After registering roaming service, you should re-start your phone to use service.
  • Once registering via Customer Care Center, you should provide correct and full required information of registered subscriber.

My Prepaid Account balance is not running out, why couldn’t I call or message when going abroad?

According to regulation, the arisen roaming service fee is charged directly to main account. If the main account is not enough to make/receive a call or send SMS (according to roaming tariff of Metfone in, you will not be able to make any calls or sending messages. However you can still receive SMS because Metfone does not charge for receiving messages.

For smooth connection, you should recharge your account to continue using roaming service.

When there are promotional programs of Metfone (eg: 50% value added) and I top-up account while using roaming abroad, may I participate in the promotional programs?

If you meet all the conditions of promotion, you can enjoy all promotional programs as usual.

After toping up, you will receive notify message or you can check your account by dialing *097# send.


  • Promotion amount will be transferred to your promotional account and you can just use this account when you are in Cambodia because roaming fee is only charged to main account.
  • The promotional programs (for example call minutes, SMS, data…) will only be applied when you are in Cambodia. When you are roaming, you will be charged according to Metfone’s roaming tariff. 

I am going on business trip in Thailand and have known that Metfone has opened roaming service for prepaid subscribers with 2 mobile networks: AIS and TrueMove. Which one should I choose to enjoy a lower charge?

Currently, the roaming service Charge for prepaid subscribers is defined for each country. Therefore, you can choose any network in that country as they all have the same rates.

I have roamed to foreign mobile network (where Metfone supports only receive calls and send / receive SMS), but I cannot receive any calls and SMS, what should I do?

You can restart your mobile device for re-updating your current location and other supported services for your SIM card.