NIPTICT's Tech Center is coming soon

31 Oct, 2019

The National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology (NIPTICT) opened the construction of the Tech Center on October 21, using 18 months to build Get it done.

The groundbreaking ceremony was chaired by HE Tram Iv Tek, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications and Chairman of the United Nations Fund Board. With the participation of the leaders of the Ministry of Education, the Vice-Presidents and members of the Fund Representative of Metfone Company, Secretariat General of the Fund NIPTICT student lecturers and partner institutions.

The Tech Center (also known as the Tech Center) was built using the Foundation for Capacity Building and Research and Development in the field of PPM (Foundation). A fund from the Telecommunications Law, which calls for telecommunications operators to pay 1% of gross revenue to contribute to development Training Blunt human resources, research and development of telecommunications and information and communications technology, according to the policy development...

The four-storey technology center and a total of 3,800 square meters will be the first digital technology research and development center in Cambodia as a result of a collaborative effort between the institutes. NIPITCT, a state-owned research firm and Viettel (Cambodia).

The technology center will be used to promote research and transform the achievements that come from R&D, Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Internet security. A commercially viable digital technology, such as GovTech technology For Education (EduTech) technology for agriculture (AgriTech) for Financial Technology (FinTech) Technology for Health (HealthTech).

Also, the Tech Center building is the second major achievement of the United Nations Framework Fund. It is scheduled to be completed in 18 months. The Innovation Center, the first of its kind, will be operational in early 2020