*Other networks of countries in Indochina and Zone 1 will be charge in Zone 2 (The rest of Asia)

             *Other networks of countries in Zone 2 will be charge in Zone 3


How to activate Prepaid Roaming

  • To active:       Dial  *1521*1#   (Free of charge)‚Äč
  • To deactive:  Dial  *1521*0# (Free of charge)

How to call for Metfone’s subscribers when roaming abroad

Case How to dial
Local calls in roaming countries [Area Code] [Phone number]
Call for a fixed number of Cambodia Dial +/00 [855] [Phone Number]
For Example: to call 22666666 in PNP, you should dial +85522666666 or 0085522666666
Call for other Cambodia mobile subscribers (currently in Cambodia or is roaming) Dial +/00 [855] [Phone Number]
For Example: to call 976666666 in PP, you should dial +855976666666 or 00855976666666
International Calls Dial ”+” [Country Code] [Area Code] [Phone Number]
Send SMS "+"/00 [Country Code] [Phone Number]



  • The call will be charged per minute (charged from the first second).
  • SMS will be charged per message (160 characters / message).
  • Get free SMS.
  • Data usage will be charged in 10Kb (10Kb + 10Kb, we will charge the first 1Kb for download / upload) Call 1204.
  • To contact with Metfone’ call center, call to +855979097097  
  • To check your balance: dial *1201#
  • To top up your account: dial * 197*PINCODE#