Loan Service

Loan is a utility service that allow prepaid subscribers to continue making Call/SMS or using Data even when their account running out of balance. The solution is completely done by using different options such as Advance Balance, Advance Minutes and Advance Data.

Service Fee:

  • Airtime Credit for balance advance

  • Airtime Credit for data advance

  • Airtime Credit for minute advance

How to use service by SMS:

  • To Advance Balance: Send B [xx] to 1553
  • To Advance Data: Send D [xx] to 1553
  • To Advance Minute On-net: Send M1 [xx] to 1553
  • To Advance Minute Off-net: Send M2 [xx] to 1553

 How to use service by USSD:

+ By Menu:

  • To Advance Balance: Dial *1553*1#
  • To Advance Data: Dial *1553*2#
  • To Advance Minute: Dial *1553*3#

+ By Directly:

  • To Advance Balance: Dial *1553# and press 1
  • To Advance Data: Dial *1553# and press 2
  • To Advance Minute: Dial *1553# and press 3

Using guide: Send HELP or H to 1553


  • Customer can loan many times in day but need to clear old debit                      
  • Customer cannot loan all types in one time as Balance Advance, Data Advance or Minute Advance  
  • The system will make send invite to customer to use Loan Credit service in 1 time per week
  • Loan service not apply for postpaid subscribers          
  • Total top-up in previous month must be >3USD
  • If top-up <= the debit: the system will deduct 80% top-up. The rest will be deducted in the next top up
  • If top-up > the debit: the system will deduct 100% debit