Kado80 plan is ideal for customers who make many inbound calls. With this plan customer can get up to 80 minutes Bonus. This is our best promotion ever!

To subcribe Kado80, dial: *1524*2# 


Top-up amount Daily Bonus Minutes
1 - 4.99 USD 25 minutes
> 5 USD 80 minutes



Within network call

5 cents/min 


7 cents/min 


Across network call

8 cents/min 


9 cents/min 


Within network SMS 2.5 cents/SMS
Across network SMS 5 cents/SMS



Get 30X more with Exchange money promotion! Your 1 USD can be exchanged for 30 USD to call, SMS and surf the internet on your phone

Main Balance Exchange for Activation Validity
Own Account Other’s Account
10 cents $1 *1525*10#

*1525*phone number*10#

1 Day
20 cents $3 *1525*20# *1525*phone number*20# 2 Days
50 cents $9 *1525*50#

*1525*phone number*50#

6 Days
$1 $30 *1525*100#

*1525*phone number*100#

12 Days
$2 $60 *1525*200#

*1525*phone number*200#

24 Days



  • Exchange 1 USD = 30 USD = 600 Minutes (10 hours) = 1200MB
  • Exchange 2 USD = 60 USD = 1200 Minutes (20 hours) = 2400MB



  • The exchange amount can be used for within network calls, within network SMS and Internet.
  • *1cent service fee will be charged to your account for any exchange transactions to any other account.​


Terms and Conditions

  • The subscriber cannot use the active balance in basic account to register VAS or exchange.
  • Daily FREE minutes can be used for calls within Metfone’s network from mid nightr to 5PM in the same day. The duration for daily FREE minutes is based on top up amount. Unused FREE minutes will be not preserved and will be cleared on 24h every day.
  • Subscriber will be block outgoing calls if within 14 days without top-up since activation date or basic account is expired and will be block outgoing calls and incoming calls after 40 days since outgoing calls without top-up. The subscriber number will be deactivated and revoked by Metfone after 30 days block outgoing calls and incoming calls.
  • You can change FREE from Kado80 to other plan within 24 hours since activation, for balance and validity of all accounts are reserved.
  • For subscribers active over 24 hours since activation, if subscribers not yet change any plan, FREE of charge and change the 2nd time will be charged 30cents/time. For basic account is reserved and all Promotion accounts are cleared.