What is Mobility PBX service

  • Is the mobile subscriber group service, support providing the enterprise PBX features (Hotline, extension, representative number, interactive voice responding, conferencing…), even advanced features such as Call Center, CRM… based on mobile phone network.
  • Customer’s Cloud-PBX, in fact, uses central PBX’s resources, which is located at Telco’s data center (Hosted-PBX).
  • Customer doesn’t need to invest expensive PBX hardware or infrastructure. This service allows Telco carriers to provide the professional PBX service on the mobile phones of every employee in the enterprise.

How it works?

The components include:

  1. Enterprise representative phone number (Hotline). i.e: 0912 666 666
  2. Extensions / subscribers are the employee’s personal mobile phone number, are assigned extension number as common PBX extension number, i.e:
    • Sales department:
      • Mr. Ander:      0912 666 155  - ext.: 101
      • Mr. Bob:         0912 666 166  - ext.: 102
    • Technical department:
      • Mr. Chris:       0912 666 255  - ext.: 201
      • Mr. Dave:       0912 666 266  - ext.: 202
    • Receptionist:
      • Ms. Elly:         0912 666 355  - ext.: 333
  3. Feature included in tariff package:
    • Internal call free of charge
    • Inbound, Outbound call through Hotline, call recording
    • Automatic Voice Response and Digital Receptionist, support multi-level dial-plan
    • Call hold, Call transfer, Call forward
    • Conference
    • Mobile Application
    • CRM integration
    • Integrate with existing PBX…
  4. Inbound call from customer
    • Customer call to the Hotline: 0912 666 666
    • If company’s PBX is configured to serve the hotline by receptionist:
      • The call is forwarded to Ms. Elly’s mobile phone (0912 666 355)
      • Customer talk to Ms. Elly that he needs to talk to Mr. Ander, Ms. Elly press function key combination (*0) on her phone, then press Mr. Ander’s extension number (101)
      • Call will be forwarded to Mr. Ander’s mobile phone (0912 666 155)


    • If company’s PBX is configured to serve the hotline by auto answer:
      • Customer hears the welcome announcement (thank you for calling, please press 1 to meet sales, press 2 to meet tech, or dial the extension number…)
      • Customer need to talk to technical department, so he press 2
      • The call will be forwarded to technician’s mobile phone number group, one by one, sequentially, and simultaneously…


    • Mobile application installed on the employee’s smart phone would show up the customer name.
  5. Outbound call to customer
    • For calling out, employee uses mobile application on his smart phone (integrated with mobile phone standard dial pad). This application includes unified enterprise phone book, support CRM integration.
    • If not using mobile app, employee can dial by short code, which is specified by Telco, i.e.:
    • 1515 + <customer telephone number> for calling out to customer.

    • The system will use Hotline (0912 666 666) to call out to customer. Customer telephone will not show the employee phone number, but show up the enterprise hotline number.
    • Internal call
      • On mobile application, employee just dial his colleague’s extension number, i.e. 102
      • If not using mobile app, employee can dial extension with short code, i.e.:
    • 1515 + <PBX extension>

System performance

Counted on Nodes quantity (qty. of Switching – Billing server).

*   Subscriber capacity

  • Support from 50.000 up to 1.000.000 subscribers.

*   Simultaneous concurrent calls (ccu)

  • Support from 500 up to 10.000 simultaneous calls.

Easy to upgrade / expand:

  • Installing new physical server with enclosed license as new node
  • Add new node to the cluster

Service function

All-in-one carrier-grade service system

Main features

Hosted mPBX service


  • 100% clustered
  • 99,999% uptime
  • Non-affection when upgrading or maintenance


  • Billing cluster
  • Switching cluster
  • Media cluster
  • Web cluster
  • Database Oracle RAC cluster
  • Network cluster support

Architecture – Modules

Architecture – Location based backup

  • Database synchronization between 2 sites
  • Each site’s nodes has its own backup mechanism 


Reseller Module

  • Supports a multilayered account ownership structure.
  • These layers are served by the system in real time.
  • Allows the resellers to create and assign to users their own rate plans (tariffs) and subscriptions.
  • Branded User Portal for each reseller
  • Per reseller Online Shop
  • Web-based management interface with active calls monitoring and advanced reporting

Mobile and PC softphones

  • Making and receiving SIP call (off-net/on-net)
  • Video call (Using VP8, H264 and H263+ codecs)
  • Communication encryption
  • Contacts (phone book) integration
  • Loudspeaker
  • Balance information
  • Destination rate
  • Time, call status logs, last calls log
  • Sending and receiving SMS over SIP protocol
  • Optional built-in callback client, optional call through client, to be used if the application has no data connection
  • Multiple active calls support
  • Conferencing up to 4 participants
  • Blind and attended transfer​
  • Digits Interception (Dialer pops up once dialing from the phone’s “Dial pad” or choosing a number from the phone’s “Contact list”)
  • Instant messaging over SIP SIMPLE
  • ICE for connectivity
  • DID numbers for incoming calls
  • File transfer