Press Release


11 Jun, 2018

Metfone is No.1 operator in Cambodia providing fully telecom services, including: mobile, wireless fixed phone, internet broadband, leased line and also is leading of ePayment service (eMoney). Metfone is proud to serve over 8 million customers daily.

Provided services since 2009, Metfone has invested hundreds of million USD to develop a reliable world-class network with 10,000 base stations, over 23,000km of fiber optical cable network reaching to 100% districts and network signal covers up to 99% of the population. It is said that Metfone is the biggest coverage and the best quality network in Cambodia. 

However, after long period of providing services, Metfone is getting old in the outlook and lacks of dynamic to its beloved customers, it doesn’t match customer expectations, telecommunication market shifting as well as socio-economic development. Metfone refreshes its brand to re-confirm the commitments of investing for long term, always delivering new innovations, individualization products and services in a more proactive and creative way. In order that, Metfone wants to contribute our effort to build up a Young progressive life to every person, every family and every corner of Kingdom, as the first day Metfone entered the market.

Metfone’s new outlook.

Metfone still keep its core value of a “closer” friend to all Cambodian and maintain the business philosophy: “Caring – Innovator” as an operator for the customers’ best with new image hereunder:

Metfone uses the images with red color as our primary outlook. The red is color of young, robust life and it also expresses Metfone’s desire on refreshing to keep achieving new solutions/products/services to its customers.


They introduce a Mascot called “Munny” which is initiated from Metfone logo, he will embody Metfone. “Munny” in Khmer is a clever man, a person who know everything. Munny is a “down – to – earth” man, it means he lives without any illusions and pretensions; practical and realistic to the core. He is a helpful, simple, familiar and closer friend. A true ‘boong’ to anyone.

  • A helpful man: because he is always there for the customers if they have questions or need better deals.
  • A simple man: because he doesn’t like extra distractions. He keeps communications short and simple.
  • A familiar friend: he has been helping Metfone for 9 years in Cambodia, guiding customers with their needs. Now he decided to go public.
  • A closer friend: he is even closer than your close friend. The big brother everybody deserves.

Munny is a perfect connection between Metfone and customers, he plays the role of a closer, understanding friend who always listens to customer’s demands and know for sure what they really want and thereby, provide accurately “Everything you need” accordingly. Munny, and therefore Metfone, will give access to a progress life for every person in Cambodia.

Introducing new product.

Launching 4.5G technology:  Metfone is deploying 4.5G technology, also known as LTE Advance Pro, a current latest technology on the way along with the LTE evolution path toward 5G. With this new 4.5G network, Metfone’s customer can enjoy faster Internet speed up to 10x compare with 4.0G network, it will enable Metfone’s subscriber experiencing premium content service such as 4K video, augmented reality (AR), streaming video,… continuously and stably.

New offer named NOP70+: $1 = Unlimited FB + $100 in which Metfone wants all of its customers to use services with the highest satisfaction due to more than 90% data users are using Facebook and $100 can satisfy sufficiently all additional demands of customers.