Press Release

Metfone is proud to once again be the long-term strategic partner of MoEYS on “ICT in Education”

26 Mar, 2020

Phnom Penh: 25th March, at Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport office (MoEYS), a signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Ceremony was organized between MoEYS and Metfone Company. The event was successful under the presence of H.E. DR. HANG CHUON NARON, Minister of Education Youth and Sport.

It is expected enhancing the success of “Metfone’s Internet in Schools” program for public schools, teacher training centers and universities and MoEYS Offices; deploying internet and the related telecommunication infrastructure at MoEYS and its organs/schools and having digital transformation and e-government solutions at MoEYS and its organs/schools.


With the mission of improving education environment in Cambodia, MoEYS together with Metfone come to an agreement to enhance providing Internet to public schools from 2020 onwards with the project “Metfone Internet in Schools” to up to 3,000 public schools nationwide and supporting MoEYS to build data center and Network infrastructure for the next period 5 years. Moreover, in relevant of target on Building a Digital Society, especially Smart Education ecosystem, Metfone will cooperate with MOEYS to implement range of ICT solutions in Education sector, including:

  • Deploying Education Management Information System (EMIS), Student Information System (Pre-school, Primary school, Secondary school and High school), E-learning, E-Book and E-government System and shall not limited on other digital solution service
  • Implementation of training, workshop in head quarter and all provinces for digital transformation
  • Free data for all students to access e-Learning portals, including WiKi TV and eLearning portals of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport till end of 2020. Metfone also gives out free 50% internet fee of the first installment for teachers and student’s parents in March after schools closing due to Covid-19

Metfone is confident as one of limited operators who can carry out this project due to its largest network infrastructure in the country with more than 11.000 base stations, 23.000 km of fiber optic cable, covering all residential area; providing services to nearly 9 million Cambodians.

Giving the speech in MoU ceremony, H.E. DR. HANG CHUON NARON, Minister of Education Youth and Sport stated the importance of this project in digitalizing Education sector and improving ICT knowledge and skills for Kingdom’s students. MoEYS commits that Metfone is the long-term strategic partner in enhancing development of telecommunication and information technology at MoEYS and its organs/schools.

In response Mr. Phung Van Cuong, Metfone’s General Director expressed his appreciation to MoEYS to choose Metfone in this project and emphasized in the event: “This project is a comprehensive cooperation at full levels, between Ministry and Metfone Company, and especially, between all Departments of Education under Ministry with Metfone branches in 25/25 provinces nationwide. Once again, Metfone states our strong vision in investing in education in Cambodia as important their commitment to bringing the world-class solutions to the country which have been proven and recognized for years”

These innovative activities of Metfone is recognized to enable Cambodian young generation, Cambodian future leaders to fulfill their potential. It’s the beginning of using their knowledge and IT skills to pave the way to the future of Cambodia. Nearly 1,000,000 students, and around 100,000 teachers and educational staffs will be benefited by this program and promise to make major breakthrough among the youth.