Hun Sen Chumpuvon’s student got the internet access for FREE from Metfone

19 Aug, 2017

Recently, at Hun Sen Chompovvon High School, located near the Choam Chrum circle, received a free Metfone internet connection for students at this school had more opportunities to study via online. 

The Head of the high school expressed gratitude for the internet connection in this school: "Our students will have more opportunities to study via online beside study with teachers in the classroom. They will gain a lot of knowledge on the Internet, especially in the IT filed. Students can study basic of the computer in secondary school level and we are very enthusiastic about providing this internet in all schools nationwide from Metfone.”

Under the "Internet to School" project, Metfone is working hard to connect the internet as soon as possible in all secondary schools across Cambodia. The project also implemented under a Memorandum of Understanding between Metfone and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to provide a school-wide Internet-based plan.

“We are thinking about the future of Cambodian students, so we have provided free internet access to schools across the country, We have the ability to provide and help the government to improve the education of the students better. As a result, Metfone will remain committed to making the internet as fast as possible” Said Nhong Dinthan, Metfone's vice general director.

Metfone hope this big offering will bring the benefit to student and teacher to improve the internet learning and researching for developing the education sector in Cambodia more easier.